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Mark Anderson Fans Bachelor Golden Bachelor

Mark Anderson Fans Bachelor Golden Bachelor

Fans Root for Kelsey Anderson's Father as the Next Golden Bachelor

After a successful season of "The Bachelor" featuring Gerry Turner as the first-ever Golden Bachelor, fans are buzzing about a new potential candidate – Kelsey Anderson's father, Mark Anderson.

Kelsey's Hometown Date:

In the latest episode, attention shifted from contestant Joey Graziadei to Kelsey's family, specifically her father, Mark. Viewers were captivated by Mark's good looks and admired his heart of gold, especially as an army veteran who lost his wife, Denise, to cancer, mirroring the background of the first Golden Bachelor.

Bachelor Kelsey Hometown Date

Connection with Gerry Turner:

Fans drew parallels between Mark and Gerry Turner, both having faced the loss of their wives. Mark's single status, kind nature, and good looks led fans to rally for him to be the next Golden Bachelor.

Kelsey's Admiration for Her Father:

Kelsey shared on the show that she and her father grew closer after Denise's death in 2018. She described Mark as her favorite person, the one she leans on in happy and sad moments. Joey Graziadei made a positive impression on Mark during the visit, adding to fans' excitement.

Bachelor Kelsey Hometown Date

Social Media Buzz:

Fans took to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to express their desire for Mark to become the Golden Bachelor. Many highlighted his protective and loving nature, with some proposing him as a potential contestant on the upcoming season of "The Golden Bachelorette.