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Meet the Cast of Selling the OC Season 3 Netflix Series

Meet the Cast of Selling the OC Season 3 Netflix Series

Selling the OC' Season 3: Meet the Full Cast of Netflix's Luxury Real Estate Show


Welcome back to the world of luxury real estate in Orange County! Season 3 of 'Selling the OC' promises to deliver high-stakes deals, fierce competition, and jaw-dropping properties as we follow the talented agents of The Oppenheim Group.


Jason and Brett Oppenheim: Leading the Charge

Identical twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the driving force behind The Oppenheim Group. With sharp business sense and undeniable charisma, they lead the charge in the competitive world of luxury property sales.


Selling the OC' Season 3: Full Cast List and Updates | Netflix

1. Alexandra Hall: Known for her no-nonsense approach and keen eye for design, Alexandra ensures each property she sells is impeccably staged and marketed.


2. Alexandra Jarvis: Leveraging her legal expertise, Alexandra navigates complex negotiations with strategic thinking and sharp wit.


3. Alexandra Rose: With a passion for sales and client service, Alexandra provides personalized attention to ensure seamless transactions.


4. Alexandra Harper: The new agent in town, Alexandra's drive to succeed adds an extra layer of drama to the mix, met with mixed reactions from the team.


5. Tyler Stanaland: A laid-back surfer with a passion for real estate, Tyler's competitive spirit makes him a fan favorite.


6. Polly Brindle: With international experience as a model, Polly brings a fresh perspective to the team.


7. Lauren Shortt: The experienced "mom" of the group brings stability and professionalism to every transaction.


8. Kayla Cardona: Ambitious and award-winning, Kayla is determined to succeed despite challenges.


9. Gio Helou: Self-described as a "shark," Gio's background in residential development makes him a formidable opponent.


10. Brandi Marshall: A master of persuasion with a PR background, Brandi's loyalty and negotiation skills are invaluable.


11. Sean Palmieri: With a global perspective and honesty, Sean is a trusted advisor to his clients.


12. Austin Victoria: Despite being new to real estate, Austin's charm and wit make him a memorable addition to the team.


'Selling the OC' Season 3 Premiere Date


'Selling the OC' Season 3 premieres on May 3, 2024, on Netflix. Get ready for another season of luxury real estate drama!