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Meet the Lavish Cast of Dubai Bling Season 2

Meet the Lavish Cast of Dubai Bling Season 2

Meet the Cast of Dubai Bling Season 2: Glitz, Glamour, and Celebrity Highlights


Dubai Bling Season 2 brings a glitzy lineup showcasing high society in Dubai and LA’s wealthy Asian-Americans, reminiscent of Bravo’s Real Housewives but with a Middle Eastern touch. The trailer promises extravagant parties, a surprise proposal, glimpses into the Middle Eastern lifestyle, and plenty of private jet flights.


The Cast members of Dubai Bling Season 2 include:


1. Loujain Adada:

A Lebanese model and former TV host married to billionaire Walid Juffali.

Dubai Bling Season 2 characters


2. Kris Fade:

Founder of Fade Fit, a successful radio show host, and a brand ambassador.

 Dubai Bling Season 2 cast details


3. Zeina Khoury:

CEO of 'I Am The Company,' a clothing brand, and a TV show host.

 Dubai Bling Season 2 new faces


4. Safa Siddiqui:

A fashion queen and designer known for her vibrant style.

 Dubai Bling Season 2 cast names


5. DJ Bliss (Marwan Al-Awadhi):

A popular DJ and nightlife host in the Middle East.

Dubai Bling Season 2 personalities


6. Farhana Bodi:

Social media influencer and founder of 'I Am Woman Of The World.'

 Dubai Bling Season 2 lineup


7. Lojain Omran:

A TV personality, Bulgari ambassador, and influential figure in Saudi Arabia.

 Reality TV show Dubai Bling


8. Ebraheem Al Samadi:

A young entrepreneur and CEO of three companies, including Forever Rose.

 Ebraheem Al Samadi us.jpg


9. Mona Kattan:

Co-founder of Huda Beauty's Kayali Perfumes, offering insights into the beauty empire.

 Cast members of Dubai Bling Season 2


10. Hasnain Lehri:

A prominent Pakistani model and reality star recognized for his fashion industry success and relationships.

Hasnain Lehri