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Most adult content creators included in Bigg Boss season 17 will not be family-based

Bigg boss Season 17 contestants list confirmed

Bigg Boss Season 17 will not be family-friendly, adult content creators will be included in this season, as revealed in the media report

Bigg Boss 17 2023: Adult content creators will also show their mettle in 'Bigg Boss 17', that is why Bigg Boss 17 is constantly in the news. In the promo of the show, the contestants were advised to use all three - heart, mind, and power.

This adult creator entered Bigg Boss and the names of many TV couples and YouTubers were included in the show.

Shilpa Sethi will be seen in Bigg Boss Season 17

Shilpa Shetty will be seen in Bigg Boss Season 17

According to media reports, a new adult content creator is going to enter the show along with 'Sunny Leone' and 'Pamela Anderson' in the 17th season of 2023. The name of 'Shilpa Sethi' has appeared in the new adult content. Shilpa always remains in the headlines because of her boldness. Her unique and unique style has gone viral on social media. Her popularity is high because Shilpa Sethi is considered one of the American-Indian influencers.

Shilpa Sethi's Most Viral Post

Shilpa Sethi's Social Media Post

Shilpa Sethi's Social Media Post 


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Bigg Boss Season 17 contestants list confirmed