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North West TikTok Earnings Analysis Debut Album

North West TikTok Earnings Analysis Debut Album

North West's Potential Earnings on TikTok and Debut Album Announcement


North West's Earnings Potential: At just 10 years old, North West is poised to earn substantial income from her social media presence, particularly on TikTok.

Debut Album Announcement: North West announced her debut album, "Elementary School Dropout," at her father Kanye West's listening party, which significantly boosted her online following.

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North West TikTok Earnings Analysis Debut Album

TikTok Earnings Analysis: Social media experts predict North could earn up to $30,000 per TikTok video, surpassing her cousin Penelope Disick's potential earnings.

Comparative Analysis: North's TikTok earnings potential far exceeds that of her cousin, Penelope Disick, reflecting her growing influence and popularity on social media platforms.

North West TikTok Earnings Analysis Debut Album

Influence of Family and Management: North's success is attributed to her musical passion and creative upbringing within the Kardashian-West family, with her influencer mother, Kim Kardashian, playing a significant role in managing her social media accounts.

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Future Prospects: With her expanding platform and highly anticipated album release, North's earning potential and influence are expected to continue growing in the future.