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Omarosa Slams Trumps Debate Comments on Black Jobs

Omarosa Slams Trumps Debate Comments on Black Jobs

Omarosa Criticizes Trump's 'Black Jobs' Remark, Calls for Clarification


Controversial Debate Comments

Omarosa has strongly criticized Donald Trump for his remarks during a debate where he claimed illegal immigrants are taking away "Black jobs" and "Hispanic jobs." She finds the terms used by Trump baffling and offensive, questioning what he meant by these categories.

Historical Context and Racism Allegations

Omarosa argues that the only exclusively Black job in America's history is slavery, suggesting that Trump's comments might inadvertently reflect racist undertones. She believes his choice of words harkens back to a discriminatory past.

Omarosa Criticizes Trump Black Jobs

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Past Behavior and Racism Claims

Referring to Trump's history, Omarosa labels him a racist, citing reports about discriminatory hiring practices at his failed casinos as evidence. Her extensive experience with Trump, from "The Apprentice" to her tenure at the White House, informs her opinion.

Call for Clarification

Omarosa urges Trump to clarify his statements or have someone from his campaign address the issue. Omarosa emphasizes that African-American and Hispanic voters are not a monolithic group and should vote based on individual needs.

Debate Performance Evaluation

Reflecting on the overall debate performance, Omarosa believes Trump showed signs of mental decline, an issue often overshadowed by concerns about Joe Biden's age and mental capacity. While she credits Trump with winning on style points, she feels Biden was superior in substance.

Omarosa's Voting Decision

Omarosa reveals her choice for the upcoming November election, explaining her reasons and expressing her disappointment in Trump's recent conduct and statements.