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On the occasion of Eid people got angry on which actress know the full story

On the occasion of Eid, people got angry on which actress, know the full story

Urfi Javed posted such pictures on the occasion of Eid, people got angry on the actress

TV actress and Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed is very famous among people for her style. Along with this, she selects her fashion and dress with great impunity. She is often trolled for this but she does not mind this. Urfi Javed has stopped speaking many times by taking a class of trolls.

On the occasion of Eid, people got angry on which actress, know the full story

Image credit: Instagram

Now on the occasion of Eid, Urfi Javed has raised the temperature of the internet by sharing her bikini photos. Fans are liking the new photos of Urfi Javed. At the same time, people are enraged after seeing such pictures of Urfi Javed on Eid.

Urfi Javed shared pictures on the occasion of Eid

Looking at the pictures shared by Urfi Javed from her Instagram account, it can be guessed that Urfi is celebrating summer holidays with her friends. People are furious after seeing the bold pictures of Urfi posted on the day of Eid. Seeing Urfi in bikini, she is being cursed a lot.

Social media users are giving their reactions fiercely on these photos of Urfi Javed. A user named Asrar Khan wrote that 'Not a single one of them is a Muslim, if someone was a Muslim then such pictures would not have been posted on this day.' A user named Asra wrote, 'Even on the day of Eid, all these… Are you shameless? What is the happiness of Eid for people like you when you could not improve even in Ramzan. A user named Mehvish Kasim wrote, “You should be ashamed of being a human being. She would have worn clothes on the day of Eid.' One user wrote that 'You are so bad man. Allah will burn you in the fire of Jahannam. Thu… is.’