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PM Modi Inaugurates New Parliament House

After inaugurating the new Parliament House

After inaugurating the new Parliament House, PM Narendra Modi said – Our Constitution is our resolution

Inaugurating the new Parliament House, the PM said that the new Parliament House is also the voice of our culture and constitution. Today's day and today's date i.e. 28th May 2023 is such an occasion that every Indian is filled with pride seeing the new Parliament House today. It also has Vastu, Art, Heritage, Skill, Culture and Constitution. The interior of the Lok Sabha is based on the national bird peacock and the Parliament complex also houses the national tree banyan tree.

After the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament House, PM Modi released a coin of 75 rupees.

PM Narendra Modi released a coin of 75 rupees after the inauguration. After this PM Modi gave his speech in the new Parliament. In his address, PM Modi said that in the journey of the development of every country, such moments come, which become immortal.

PM Modi Inaugurates New Parliament House, Emphasizes its Symbolic Representation of Culture and Constitution on Proud Day of 28th May 2023

The PM said that new paradigms are created only by walking on new paths. New India is setting new goals. Today once again the whole world is looking at India and its steadfastness with a sense of respect and hope. He said that when India moves ahead, this new building of the Parliament will call for the development of the world through the development of India. 

Where was the material brought for the new parliament building?

This building has got a different look from the stone carvings of Rajasthan. Small things have been taken care of in this. The new Parliament House with a triangular shape is built in 64,500 square meters. 

Where did the goods come from

To give a grand look to the new Parliament, a stone lattice has been ordered from Noida. Apart from this, a counterfeit has also been ordered from Rajnagar in Rajasthan. Fly ash bricks for the construction of Parliament House have been procured from Mirzapur in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The red and white sandstone for the Parliament building has been brought from Saramthura in Rajasthan.