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Pooja Bhatt Fiery Response to Jad Hadid Insult

Pooja Bhatt Fiery Response to Jad Hadid Insult

Bigg Boss OTT Drama: Pooja Bhatt Slams Jad Hadid for Disparaging Remark, Defends Akanksha Puri's Honor

Bigg Boss OTT always manages to create waves with its controversial moments, and the recent episode was no exception. The task that involved a 30-second lip-lock between Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid became the talk of the town. However, things took an unexpected turn when Jad expressed his opinion about the kiss to his co-contestant Avinash Sachdev, labeling Akanksha as a 'bad kisser.' This remark didn't sit well with Pooja Bhatt, who couldn't contain her anger.

In a fiery outburst, Pooja Bhatt directed her ire towards Jad, firmly stating, "I'm sorry, but you're a b***h if you're saying that." The intensity of her words resonated through the house, leaving everyone taken aback. Pooja's fierce defense of Akanksha and her strong choice of words showcased her unwavering support for her fellow contestant.

Bigg Boss OTT once again became a platform for engaging conversations about personal boundaries and respect, with Pooja Bhatt emerging as a vocal advocate for the contestants' rights to be treated with decency and fairness.