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Prince Harry Living Legends Aviation Award

Prince Harry Living Legends Aviation Award

Prince Harry Living Legends of Aviation Award: A Recognition Beyond Royalty


Prince Harry's Aviation Honor

Prince Harry is receiving an award at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, joining celebs like Elon Musk. He's getting recognized for his time in the British Army and as a pilot, especially for his two tours in Afghanistan.

Big Names in the Club

This award has gone to stars like John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and even business heavyweights like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. 

Event Details

The awards are happening in Beverly Hills, hosted by actor and pilot John Travolta. Other aviation folks are also being honored. The night includes a reception, dinner, and then the awards ceremony.

Controversy Alert

Some people are saying Harry is only getting this because he's royal, not because of what he's done. They suggest he could turn things around by giving the award to someone else.

Why Harry?

Supporters say it's not just about his military time but also his work with The Invictus Games, helping military mental health, and doing good things globally.

John Travolta's Take

John Travolta, who's a friend of Harry's mom, Princess Diana, supports Harry getting this award.

In short, while there's a bit of drama, Prince Harry is being recognized for his military and global contributions in the aviation world.