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Reba McEntire The Voice Exit Gummy Scam

Reba McEntire The Voice Exit Gummy Scam

Reba McEntire Denies 'The Voice' Exit and Weight Loss Gummy Scam Rumors

Reba McEntire Addresses Exit Rumors on X:

Reba McEntire recently responded to rumors circulating on X about her departure from "The Voice."

Denial of Clickbait Articles:

The country singer emphasized that claims of leaving the show and engaging in weight loss gummy product sales were untrue, labeling them as "clickbait."


Warning Against Fake Endorsements:

McEntire cautioned fans about online scams misusing her image for fake endorsements, particularly mentioning misleading advertisements related to CBD gummies.

History of Deceptive Advertising:

Reba McEntire highlighted that she had previously warned fans about similar scams.

Fan Reactions and Humorous Responses:

Fans flooded the comments section expressing relief, with some humorously offering to buy any product from McEntire, showcasing their support for her continued role on "The Voice."

Persistent Online Scams:

Reba McEntire's post shed light on the ongoing issue of online scammers exploiting celebrities' images, citing instances involving Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey, Ree Drummond, and others.

Caution Against Engagement:

McEntire urged fans not to engage with suspicious profiles and reiterated that such scams are not officially associated with her or her organization.