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Remarkable tribute to Dhoni from Telugu Experiments YouTube channel

Remarkable tribute to Dhoni from Telugu Experiments YouTube channel

Dhoni Thread Art: Dhoni's biggest thread art made by Telugu Experiments YouTube channel

Dhoni has crores of fans in our country. Many fans have different ways of expressing their admiration for Dhoni

Dhoni's craze in world cricket is well known. Dhoni means Chennai Super Kings.. Chennai Super Kings means Dhoni. Dhoni has taken CSK to the final ten times in a way that no one else has been able to do in IPL. Fans like Dhoni's game and strategy a lot. This is the reason why thousands of fans from across the country reached Ahmedabad to watch Dhoni play live in the IPL final. Even if the final match gets postponed due to rain, they are waiting in Ahmedabad.

Telugu Experiments YouTube channel:

Whereas, a Telugu YouTuber tried to express his admiration for Dhoni. Dhoni made the picture with the world's largest thread art. A youth named Sai Kiran, who runs a YouTube channel named 'Telugu Experiments', with the help of his friends, created thread art to create a 20x20 feet cover image of Dhoni. It took four days.

Dhoni's Biggest Thread Art:

A frame is pre-welded for this thread art. It took 24 hours. Then the welded frame is placed on the base. After this white flexi sheet was pasted on it. After that 300 screws were installed with the help of drilling machine at the marked places around the frame. After that threads were regularly tied in those screws and Dhoni's image was made. For this, 25-27 km long thread was used. He told that he worked hard for four days for this thread art.. The price was also high. He requested to share this video so that it reaches Dhoni.

Artistic Homage to Dhoni: Telugu Experiments YouTube Channel's Incredible Threadwork

Earlier, a fan named Gopi Krishnan, a resident of Arangur in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, had painted his newly constructed house yellow. Dhoni's photo, Chennai Super Kings logo photo was seen in front of that house. He named that house 'Home of MS Dhoni Fan'.