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RHOM S6 E13 Recap Drama Trip Legal

RHOM S6 E13 Recap

RHOM Season 6, Episode 13 Recap - Unprovoked Confrontation, Trip Plans, and Legal Woes

Larsa initiates a conflict with Alexia without any provocation during a trip. After a casual discussion about their itinerary, Larsa unexpectedly throws shade at Alexia, accusing her of not supporting Larsa's businesses in the past. The tension escalates as Larsa expresses hurt feelings, leading to a heated argument between the two.

Larsa starts a fight with Alexia

Image source: bravo (Larsa and Alexia RHOM)

Later, the group splits up, with some joining Adriana for a rehearsal featuring male dancers. Kiki expresses concern about the tight schedule and the dancers' readiness. Meanwhile, another group, including Lisa and Larsa, picks up birthday cakes and discusses Lisa's legal troubles. Lisa feels frustrated with negotiating a deal and describes the situation as walking on eggshells.

In Shortly RHOM S6 E13 Recap 

1. Unprovoked Conflict: Larsa vs. Alexia

   - Larsa initiates a confrontation, accusing Alexia of unsupportiveness without cause.

   - Tension escalates as hurt feelings lead to a heated argument.

2. Trip Itinerary and Unexpected Drama

   - Girls discuss trip plans, including a gondola ride, a Cathedral Metropolitana visit, Pride celebrations, and a tequila factory tour.

   - Unexpected drama arises when Larsa starts throwing shade at Alexia, creating tension within the group.

3. Rehearsal Nerves and Birthday Cakes

   - Adriana rehearses with male dancers, causing nervousness among some group members.

   - Another group picks up birthday cakes, leading to discussions about Lisa's legal troubles and negotiating a deal.

Adriana and Lisa RHOM

Image source: bravo (Adriana and Lisa RHOM)

4. Lisa's Legal Challenges

   - Lisa shares frustrations about negotiating a deal and navigating legal troubles.

   - Describes the situation as walking on eggshells, highlighting challenges in dealing with lawyers and reaching an agreement.


The episode is marked by unexpected confrontations, interpersonal drama, and discussions ranging from business support to legal challenges.