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RHOP Mia Jacqueline friendship fallout

RHOP Mia Jacqueline friendship fallout

Mia Thornton's Trauma, Friendship Fallout, and Jacqueline Blake's Rising Success


Mia Thornton's Revelation at PAVE Event: Childhood Trauma

In a recent episode of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" (RHOP), Mia Thornton opened up about a traumatic incident involving her childhood best friend, Jacqueline Blake's then-boyfriend, at a PAVE event. Mia revealed that Jacqueline had left her in a vulnerable situation, causing a rupture in their friendship.

RHOP Mia Jacqueline 2024

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Escalation Over Parenting Disagreement in Mexico Trip

Conflicts intensified during a ladies' getaway to Mexico, where Mia accused Jacqueline of neglecting her children. The disagreement led to a heated confrontation, with Mia hinting at suspicions that Jacqueline had been involved with her ex-husband, Gordon.

Confrontation and Accusations: The Fallout

A dramatic confrontation unfolded between Mia and Jacqueline, with accusations and insinuations damaging their decades-long friendship. Mia used NeNe Leakes' infamous statement against Jacqueline, leading to a breakdown in their relationship.


RHOP Mia Jacqueline

Attempts at Reconciliation: Mixed Results

Despite attempts at reconciliation, tensions persisted, with further disagreements and accusations causing additional damage to their friendship. The After Show revealed that Mia and Jacqueline currently talk regularly, indicating a somewhat improved relationship.

Jacqueline Blake's Professional Success

Jacqueline Blake, a rising star on RHOP, is not only known for her role in the show but also for her successful career. With years of experience in human resources, she launched her own HR consulting firm, Ava & Blakely Enterprises, in 2019, assisting small Black- and minority-owned government contracting companies in developing their HR structure and strategy.