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RHOSLC Reunion Monica Garcia Drama

RHOSLC Reunion Monica Garcia Drama

RHOSLC Reunion Unveils Monica Garcia's Stalking Accusations and Burn Book Drama


Stalking Allegations and Reality Von Tease Confession:

Monica Garcia of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) admitted to setting up security cameras at co-star Jen Shah's home and driving by it several times. The confession came during the third and final part of the RHOSLC reunion, where Monica also revealed her connection to the gossip account Reality Von Tease. Originally created to expose Jen Shah's legal issues, the account was later accused of targeting other housewives.


Image source: Bravo Tv

Heather Gay's Accusations:

Heather Gay and other housewives claimed that Monica used the Reality Von Tease account to speak negatively about the cast. Heather went on to accuse Monica of stalking Jen Shah, asserting that she had set up security cameras in Shah's house and had been driving by it. Monica defended her actions, stating that she was acting as a witness for the FBI in Jen's legal case. Fans criticized Monica on social media for her behavior, deeming it creepy and weird.

Burn Book Revelation:

Monica Garcia added more fuel to the reunion drama by revealing a "Burn Book" during the show. The pink book, reminiscent of Mean Girls, contained derogatory comments about Andy Cohen, Monica herself, and fellow cast member Lisa Barlow. The revelations heightened the tension and drama during the RHOSLC reunion.


Fans React Strongly on Social Media to RHOSLC Stalking Accusations and Burn Book Drama

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