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Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2023 Sparks Controversy

Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2023 Sparks Controversy

Chloe Bailey's Outfit Causes Stir at Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2023

Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2023: A Festive Night

The Rockefeller tree lighting event in New York City on November 29, 2023, featured stellar performances by Chloe Bailey, Cher, Kelly Clarkson, and more, marking the start of the holiday season.

Chloe Bailey's Sensual Red Outfit, Viewer Criticism, and Alleged Lip-Syncing

Chloe Bailey performed 'Last Christmas' in a Santa-inspired outfit, drawing criticism on social media for its sensual nature, deemed inappropriate for a family-oriented show.

Apart from Kelly Clarkson, viewers criticized performers for alleged lip-syncing, detracting from the event's festive spirit.

Mixed Reactions to Bailey's Attire

Bailey's 'Santa Baby' costume received mixed responses, with some expressing disappointment over its perceived inappropriateness for a family event, contrasting it with the elegance of the Rockettes' performances.

2023 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Up the Night


The event showcased 14 performers, but the controversies surrounding Bailey's outfit and allegations of lip-syncing took the spotlight, overshadowing the celebration.