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Selling Sunset Emma Hernan Christine Quinn Peter Cornell relationship

Selling Sunset Drama

Selling Sunset Drama: Christine Quinn, Emma Hernan, and Peter Cornell Relationship Confusion


Christine Quinn's Dramatic Exit from "Selling Sunset" Season 5

Christine Quinn's exit from "Selling Sunset" during Season 5 was highly dramatic.


Inconsistencies in Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn's Relationship with Peter Cornell

In the drama surrounding Christine Quinn's departure from "Selling Sunset" in Season 5, fans have been puzzled by inconsistencies in her past relationship with Peter Cornell, involving Emma Hernan. Christine left the show dramatically and stopped working at the Oppenheim Group, sparking questions about her history with Peter, who also dated Emma.


Reddit Discussion:  Fans Debate Christine and Emma's Stories on Reddit

Fans Debate Christine and Emma's Stories on Reddit

Image source: Reddit

Even though Christine exited the show in April 2022, fans are still discussing the situation. A recent Reddit thread delves into the confusion, with one user questioning why Emma assumes Christine lied about Peter's actions. Christine claimed Peter proposed and cheated on her with Emma, but Emma countered, stating she was the only one Peter proposed to.

 Selling Sunset

Image source: IG/ thechristinequinn Post and IG/ emmahernan Post

Speculations and Doubts: Unraveling Peter Cornell's Alleged Deception

Speculation in the thread suggests Peter might have deceived both women. Furthermore, doubts arise regarding Christine's claim that Davina Potratz knew about the proposal, considering Davina wasn't part of the Oppenheim Group during that time. Additionally, Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet, Christine's former close friend, was unaware of the alleged proposal.