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Shivangi Joshi Evolution from Naira to a Journalist

Shivangi Joshi Evolution from Naira to a Journalist

Unveiling Shivangi Joshi's Dual Persona: From Naira's Charm to Journalistic Charisma

Shivangi Joshi, who is fully prepared to entertain the audience with her acting in the upcoming show "Barsaatein" on Sony TV, has excited all our fans. The show's promos are quite intriguing, and fans of both Shivangi and Kushal are eager to see them together.

Shivangi:  "I'm really enjoying myself, and I find my character very interesting. I'm learning a lot about journalism and discovering new things every day. It's extremely challenging. Just like you're interviewing me, I also had to interview an actress in my show. "

Shivangi Joshi Embodies the Essence of Journalism in "Barsaatein"

Furthermore, the actress discussed her thoughts on accepting a new character in the hearts of the audience and her fans after capturing their hearts with the character of Naira. She said, "Naira holds a special place in the hearts of the audience, and she will always remain in our hearts too. But, I believe this is a new journey in my life, and I feel that we have to move forward. I'm working hard and giving my best to this character. I'm dedicated to my work, and I hope that the audience will accept this character as well and shower love on this new chapter of my life."