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sMothered Season 5 Cast Duos TLC 2023

smothered season 5

Inside sMothered Season 5: Meet the Unconventional Duos Redefining Mother-Daughter Relationships on TLC

In sMothered's upcoming season on TLC, there are six duos featured, with two familiar faces returning—Kathy-Cristina and Mary-Brittani. However, fan favorites Sunhe and Angelica won't be back this time around. The show showcases extreme mother-daughter relationships, delving into their shared lives and sometimes hidden tensions.


sMothered Season 5: Cast Overview:


1. Kathy (64) and Cristina (38): Inseparable since their debut on the show, Kathy plans an unconventional 65th birthday party at a funeral home, causing discomfort to Cristina's husband.


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2. Mary (59) and Brittani (23): Closer after Mary's partner's death, their bond faces a challenge with a new man in Brittani's life.


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3. Catherine (56) and Gabriella (23): Both former pageant queens, Gabriella aims to follow in her mother's footsteps. The season follows their intense pageant training.


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4. Eva (65) and Sunnie (36): Successful salon owners passionate about skincare and intimate grooming rituals. Eva has strong opinions about Sunnie's relationship with Scott, pushing for an engagement despite Scott's hesitance.


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5. Sky (45) and Skylar (19): This mother-daughter duo from Atlanta shares names and an inseparable bond. Sky, once aspiring to be a performer, now manages Skylar's career.


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6. India (59) and Trevor (37): The first featured mother-in-law and son-in-law, claiming a tight bond. Their intimate habits, including coordinated outfits and sharing food, irk Trevor's wife and India's daughter.


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