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Sofia Richie Grainge Pregnancy Announcement

Sofia Richie Grainge Pregnancy Announcement

Sofia Richie Grainge Pregnancy: Expecting a Baby Girl and Embracing the Journey

Sofia Richie Grainge, who tied the knot with record executive Elliot Grainge last April, has revealed that they are expecting a baby girl.


Early Discovery during Milan Fashion Week

During a quick trip to Milan for Fashion Week, Sofia, on a whim, took a pregnancy test and discovered the exciting news when she was just four weeks pregnant.

Creative Pregnancy Reveal

After confirming the pregnancy with multiple tests, Sofia and Elliot creatively shared the news with their parents through a surprise gift box containing positive pregnancy tests.


Keeping the Pregnancy, a Secret

The couple chose to keep the pregnancy under wraps until Sofia reached the eight-week mark, aiming to create a private and secure space for themselves.


Maternity Style and Nursery Preparations

Sofia, despite keeping the pregnancy a secret, expresses excitement about exploring maternity style and customizing the nursery with pastel pinks for their soon-to-arrive daughter.

Aspirations as a mother

Sofia reflects on her aspirations as a mother, emphasizing the desire to raise a smart and kind child while finding a balance between being involved and allowing independence.

Privacy and Social Media Challenge

The influencer, known for her online presence, acknowledges the difficulty of stepping back during this transformative period but looks forward to reconnecting with her followers and sharing her pregnancy journey.


Plans for Baby Shower and Babymoon

As the pregnancy progresses, Sofia shares plans for a baby shower and a babymoon, both anticipated to be enjoyable and intimate affairs closer to April, with the babymoon being a California-based retreat.

Embracing Emotional Ups and Downs

As Sofia enters the final stretch of her pregnancy, she reflects on the emotional ups and downs, finding comfort in the shared experiences of other expectant mothers and embracing the normalcy of the journey.