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Stormy Shimla trip Jyotika and Rajat

Stormy Shimla trip Jyotika and Rajat

Jyotika Dilaik's trip to Shimla market during a sudden storm turned into a life-saving adventure

Jyotika and Rajat actively engage with viewers on YouTube, with Jyothika capturing and sharing her captivating experiences through vlogs. Recently he uploaded a video.

Jyotika shared New Videos on her Youtube Channel

Jyotika shared a captivating vlog while shopping in the Shimla market. Battered by strong gusts of wind and incessant rain, they forced themselves to stop midway. Patiently, they waited for relief from the storm, then stopped for some time and came back home, you will get to see all this in the video.

In the video, Jyotika candidly shares, "After getting caught in the incessant rain, we were forced to take shelter though the rain showed no signs of stopping.

Jyotika and Rajat Love Life

Jyotika and Rajat have around 400,000 followers on Instagram. Fans eagerly catch glimpses of her personal life, yearning for more insight into her fascinating love story.