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Sunny Deol Hilarious Offer and Festive Roka Ceremony

Sunny Deol Hilarious Offer and Festive Roka Ceremony

Sunny Deol's Funny Style and Joyous Celebrations at Son's Roka Ceremony

Sunny Deol is currently immersed in the joyous wedding rituals of his son, Karan Deol. The couple had their roka ceremony on Monday, which was celebrated with great fanfare. The extravagant party took place at Dharmendra's bungalow and was attended by numerous celebrities.

Videos capturing the roka ceremony have gone viral on social media, showcasing the fun-filled moments shared by family, friends, and celebrities in attendance. In the midst of the festivities, Sunny Deol, accompanied by his brothers Bobby and Abhay, approached the media. A video from this encounter has been widely circulated, showing Sunny Deol humorously offering alcohol to the media, resulting in laughter from the crowd.

Fans have expressed their fondness for Sunny's light-hearted approach. One fan commented, "It's refreshing to see down-to-earth people still exist." Another fan praised the entire Deol family, stating, "The film industry holds them in high regard."

Amidst the celebrations, Sunny Deol was spotted energetically dancing at his son Karan's roka ceremony. Videos capture his spirited moves, adding to the festive atmosphere.

The wedding ceremony will take place on June 18 at Dharmendra's beautifully adorned bungalow, illuminated with flowers and lights. The Deol family is brimming with excitement for the upcoming wedding, which will span three days of traditional rituals. Following the festivities, a grand reception party is scheduled to be held at the Taj Lands End.