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Swift Kelce Sydney Getaway Luxe Stay Zoo Adventure

Swift Kelce Sydney Getaway Luxe Stay Zoo Adventure

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Sydney Getaway: Eras Tour, $25,000-a-Night Luxury Stay at Crown Sydney, and Zoo Adventure


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Quality Time in Sydney

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spend time together in Sydney as the singer continues her Eras Tour, joined by the NFL star after his Super Bowl success.

Taylor Swift Addresses Carbon Footprint Criticism

The couple traveled in Taylor's private jet, addressing criticism from fans about her carbon footprint by claiming to offset it with purchased carbon credits.

Luxurious Stay $25,000-a-Night Penthouse at Crown Sydney Hotel

Taylor and Travis relax in the penthouse of the Crown Sydney hotel, featuring panoramic views, an open-air terrace, and a private infinity pool, costing around $25,000 USD per night.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Quality Time in Sydney

Image source: Exclusive Moments from Super Bowl LVIII

Sydney Zoo Excursion Taylor and Travis's Wholesome Outing

The couple visited Sydney Zoo shortly after Travis's arrival, with aerial images capturing them walking hand-in-hand and enjoying the wildlife.

Taylor and Travis's Relaxed Style at the Zoo Casual Outing

Taylor wore a simple pink singlet and denim miniskirt, while Travis opted for a muted look in shorts and a navy t-shirt, as they explored the zoo in a relaxed and casual manner.