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Sydney Controversial Behavior on The Bachelor Season 28

Sydney Controversial Behavior on The Bachelor Season 28

Controversial Actions of Sydney Gordon on 'The Bachelor' Season 28: Viewer Criticism and Feud with Maria Georgas


Sydney's Controversial Behavior: Criticism and Concerns

In 'The Bachelor' Season 28, Sydney Gordon faces severe criticism from fans for expressing concerns about fellow contestant Maria Georgas. Viewers perceive Sydney's behavior as manipulative and label her as "insane," prompting calls for professional intervention.

Viewer Outrage and Suggestions for Help

The online community reacts strongly to Sydney's actions, urging her to seek professional help and visit a psychiatrist. Fans express concern over Sydney's behavior on the show, emphasizing the need for intervention to address her perceived manipulation and negativity.

Comparisons with Other Contestants: Sydney vs. Jess

Viewers compare Sydney unfavorably to another contestant, Jess, initially seen as a villain but now viewed as relatively saintly in contrast to Sydney. The shift in sentiment towards Sydney is significant, with many labeling her as a more concerning and dishonest figure on the show.

Feud Origins: Maria vs. Sydney

The ongoing drama between Sydney and Maria stems from tensions escalating after an incident involving Madina Alam and Joey Graziadei suitor. Sydney accuses Maria of creating a "hostile" environment and engaging in bullying behavior, leading to a conflict that puts Sydney at the center of the feud.

Sydney's Role in the Feud: Accusations and Intervention

Sydney asserts that she became the focus of Maria's aggression when she intervened in the conflict. Claiming that Maria targeted both Madina and herself, Sydney takes matters into her own hands during a pool party, reaching out to Joey to inform him about Maria's alleged behavior.