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Sydney Sweeney SNL Debut Glen Powell Affair

Sydney Sweeney SNL Debut Glen Powell Affair

Sydney Sweeney SNL Debut: Addressing Glen Powell Affair Rumors and On-Stage Comedy Sketch


SNL Debut Monologue: Addressing Affair Rumors

Sydney Sweeney's hosting debut on Saturday Night Live featured a lighthearted monologue where she tackled the "craziest rumor" about herself – an alleged affair with co-star Glen Powell during the filming of "Anyone But You." Sweeney dismissed the rumor, emphasizing her fiancé's continuous presence during the shoot.

On-Stage Confession in Sketch: Cheating Gag with Glen Powell

In a later sketch, Sweeney playfully confesses to cheating on her on-screen boyfriend, portrayed by Andrew Dismukes. The unexpected twist includes a cameo by Glen Powell, adding humor and fueling speculation about the affair rumors. The audience reacts to the sudden revelation in a comical manner.

Real-Life Rumors: Sweeney and Powell's Responses

The article recaps the real-life rumors surrounding Sweeney and Powell, which began during the filming of their rom-com project in Australia. Both actors addressed the speculations in separate interviews, with Sweeney expressing feeling "beat up by" the rumors, and Powell describing them as "disorienting and unfair."

Powell's Previous Relationship and Press Tour Fallout

The rumors gained momentum when Powell's then-girlfriend, Gigi Paris, ended their three-year relationship amid the press tour for "Anyone But You" in mid-2023. Powell and Sweeney spoke separately about the chemistry between them on set, with Powell emphasizing their natural connection and camaraderie.



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