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Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian Kanye West feud

Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian Kanye West feud

Did Kim Kardashian Apologize to Taylor Swift Over the Leaked Famous Call Record with Kanye West?


Kim Kardashian hasn't apologized to Taylor Swift despite the unresolved feud from the leaked 2016 call about Kanye West's song "Famous." The call, initially released by Kim, aimed to show Taylor's approval of the song's lyrics. However, the complete call later surfaced, revealing Taylor was unaware of certain derogatory lyrics. Despite this, Kim hasn't apologized, maintaining Taylor knew about the song.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift feud details




Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s Feud: What Happened?


The feud started over Kanye West's song "Famous," suggesting Taylor Swift approved certain lyrics. Kim Kardashian released snippets of a phone call to support this claim. However, the full call revealed Taylor's unawareness of specific lyrics.

kim kardashian leaked call with taylor swift