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The Kerala Story a low-budget movie broke records on the first day

The Kerala story is the story of thousands of missing girls

Review: The Kerala story is the story of thousands of missing girls

The film The Kerala Story, which has been making headlines surrounded by controversies, is finally releasing in theaters on 5 May. Makers say that the film is based on true events. After cutting around 10 scenes, the censor board has given the film an A certificate. Where the Muslim community is opposing this film, the Supreme Court has refused to hear it. It has been shown in the film how girls in Kerala are made terrorists by fraudulently converting their religion.

The Kerala Story: Story

Based on the theme of Love Jihad, the film depicts the story of four girls who are brainwashed to convert to Islam. These girls are brought to ISIS so that they brainwash more girls and ask them to convert to Islam. It is later revealed that she is one of the 32,000 girls from Hindu and Christian communities who are missing from Kerala and who converted to Islam and joined ISIS and are then deported to Afghanistan and Yemen.

The Kerala Story: Acting

No artist has been disappointed in acting. The story being sensitive, every artist has given their 100 percent. Even the actors in supporting roles have done a great job. Adah Sharma has played the journey from Shalini Unnikrishnan to becoming Fatima Baa very well. Yogita Bihani has done great acting in the character of Nimaha. Overall it is a director's film and the director has extracted excellent work from each of his actors.

The Kerala story: Direction

If the direction is also good along with a good story, then a complete film is made. Looking at the film, it seems that Sudipto Sen had a clear vision for every scene. Not only did he succeed in creating natural scenes in the film, but he also got natural acting from the actors. Watching the film, it seems as if everything is happening in front of your eyes. This is the mark of a seasoned director.

The Kerala Story: Music

When the story of the film is alive, then the scope of music in it becomes very less. But the background music of the film is superb. The scenery of Afghanistan looks quite spectacular and pleasing to the eyes.

The Kerala Story: conclusions

Overall, it can be said that The Kerala Story is the story of thousands of girls who were fraudulently converted and then made terrorists. And then what happens at the end of the movie, you will have to take a ticket and watch the movie in the theatre.