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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Episode 8

rhobh season 13 episode 8 recap

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Episode 8 Recap: Celebrations, Rumors, and Emotional Turmoil


Sutton Stracke's Boutique Anniversary:

- Sutton celebrates her boutique's fourth anniversary, marking her journey from a personal dream to a successful business.

- Emphasizes her independence and growth as a businesswoman without external financial support.

- Highlights the significance of her achievement in the entrepreneurial world.



Rumors about Mauricio Umansky:

- Addresses rumors about Kyle's husband, Mauricio, hinting at infidelity.

- Kyle and Mauricio have a heartfelt conversation about the impact of these rumors on their relationship.

- Illustrates the strain that gossip can place on personal relationships, especially in the public eye.



Kyle Richards' Emotional Struggles:

- Kyle grapples with emotional turmoil following the loss of her closest friend, Lorene.

- Expresses her grief in a therapy session, discussing the complexities in her relationships, particularly with her sister, Kathy.

- Reveals the profound impact of Lorene's passing and Kyle's vulnerability in coping with this significant loss.