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Trump Vs Taylor Swift Endorsement Fears

Taylor Swift's Potential Political Impact in the 2024 Election

Taylor Swift's Potential Political Impact in the 2024 Election

Donald Trump asserts greater popularity than Taylor Swift, expressing concern over her potential endorsement of Biden in the 2024 election

Trump Asserts Superior Popularity

Former President Donald Trump claims to be 'more popular' than Taylor Swift, dismissing concerns about the megastar endorsing Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

 Trump Claims Superior Popularity Over Taylor Swift Amid Fears of Biden Endorsement

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Speculation Surrounding Swift's Endorsement

Trump's team is reportedly 'terrified' of Swift endorsing Biden, as they fear her influence could impact the election. Biden's team believes Swift's endorsement could significantly sway votes.

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Swift's Political Influence and Past Neutrality

Swift, who initially stayed neutral to avoid upsetting her largely Republican fan base, endorsed Biden in 2020. Her endorsement led to 35,000 new voter registrations, and a recent poll suggests 18% of voters are more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Swift.

 Trump Claims Superior Popularity Over Taylor Swift

Image source via Getty Images

Trump's Mixed History with Swift

Despite Trump's current dismissal of Swift's potential impact, he had praised her in 2012. However, Swift openly criticized Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn in 2018, drawing a negative response from Trump.

Republican Concerns and Pundit Reactions

Trump's team prepares for a "holy war" against Swift, while Republican pundits, including Chris Cillizza and Fox News hosts, express concern about her potential influence. Some urge Swift to stay out of politics, while others downplay her impact.

Miller Downplays Swift's Political Clout

Jason Miller, a top adviser to the Trump campaign, downplays Swift's political influence, emphasizing voters' concerns about inflation rates over her endorsement.

Conservative Commentators Minimize Impact

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly downplays Swift's potential impact, emphasizing the difference between registering to vote and actual voting.