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Unveiling the Fashion Secrets of Pranali Rathod and Shivangi Joshi

Pranali Rathod and Shivangi Joshi Fashion Secrets

Both Pranali Rathod and Shivangi Joshi have showcased stunning kurti styles that you can take inspiration from. You too can look like Pranali Rathore and Shivangi Joshi, today we will tell you the secret of the dress, hair, and makeup of both Pranali and Shivangi.

Pranali Rathod's Blue Peplum Elegance:

Kurti: Choose a beautiful blue embellished peplum kurti that is a mix of traditional and trendy. Peplum style gives a trending look to the traditional kurti. By the way, Pranali looks good in both kurti and saree, you can also wear a saree like Pranali.

Pair it with matching pants or leggings for a structured look. Matching colors creates an optimization of structuredness.

 Pranali Signature Look

Hair: Choose to create an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance with a long hairdo. Loose waves or a low bun can also work well.

pranali rathod hot pic

Makeup: Keep makeup minimal and dewy. Focus on a natural look with soft colors. A nude or light pink lip color can complement the blue kurti.

 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Accessories: Use delicate accessories like statement earrings or bangles to enhance the charm of this dress. Silver or blue-tone jewelery can also look good with this outfit.

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Shivangi Joshi's chikankari style:

Pranali Shivangi Stylish Shoes

Kurti: Opt for a chikankari white kurta with its banded intricate hand-embroidered patterns. Chikankari cloth shows support and elegance.

Pair it with matching or contrasting color wide palazzo pants. Wide pants add a touch of contemporary style.

Hair: Straighten hair to maintain a clean and chic look. You can also consider a chic ponytail.

 Pranali vs. Shivangi

Makeup: Opt for dewy makeup with rosy cheeks and light eye makeup. A pink lip color can add a modern touch.

Accessories: Earrings or accessories to bring out the traditional charm.