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Varun Dhawan kissed Gigi Hadid in his arms now the American model replied

Gigi thanked Varun Dhawan

In the past, the Neeta Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre event was in the news a lot. Pictures and videos of this grand event are all over the social media. People from every corner of the country and abroad participated in the inauguration of the cultural centre. Not only this, many stars also enthralled the gathering with their stage performances.

Gigi thanked Varun Dhawan

On this occasion, Varun Dhawan looted the entire gathering by lifting famous American model Gigi Hadid in his lap, a video of which went viral on social media. However, after this video surfaced, people trolled Varun Dhawan for his act. At the same time, Gigi has also given her reaction on this whole matter. Sharing the photo on her Instagram story, Gigi wrote that 'Varun Dhawan has fulfilled my Bollywood dream'.

Explain that Varun had also tweeted while clarifying on this- 'Gigi coming on stage and dancing .. all this was already decided. It is better to go out and do something new in your life than talking unnecessarily on a new issue. Please tell that Gini has also started following Varun Dhawan on Instagram.