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7 lipstick mistakes everyone does

Lipstick-related mistakes that we all do, what are those mistakes?

Lipstick-related mistakes that we all do, what are those mistakes?

Lipstick is the most important thing in makeup, without it any kind of makeup seems incomplete Bright red lipstick can give you a beautiful look without any special effort, while the color of nude shade tells confidence. There are also some ways to apply lipstick, if lipstick is not applied properly then it does not give a good look.

The face will look weird

After applying lipstick, your look changes completely, many women do not know the right way to apply lipstick, due to which their makeup also fades.

Don't exfoliate

Our lips are very soft, and the skin here is very clean, due to which there is a fear of them getting dry very quickly, in such a situation, lipstick should never be applied without exfoliating dry lips.

Putting on the wrong lipliner

There is a special step while applying lipstick, applying lip liner. The lip liner should be of the same shade as your lipstick.

Don't blot your lips

When applying lipstick, if it gets on the teeth, then you do not blot your lips with tissue paper. The extra lipstick can be removed with fingertips.

Rubbing lips together inappropriately

There are many women who rub both lips together after applying lipstick, but this is the wrong way.

Mistake of not applying lip balm

Whatever the season, we should apply lip balm after applying liquid lipstick, because lip balm increases the life of our lipstick.

Don't choose lipstick according to skin tone

This is the biggest mistake that most women often do, they do not choose lipstick according to their skin.


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