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Sleeping with head in this direction will increase love between husband and wife

Sleeping with head in this direction will increase love between husband and wife

If there is a fight between you and your partner on every small issue, then do not ignore it. Choose the right direction for sleeping in your bedroom and follow the rules of Vastu. This will never cause a rift in your relationship and your relationship will remain strong.

How should be your bed?

The bed should be placed in a place where the rays of light do not fall directly, if you are doing family planning then it would be good to keep the bedroom in the south-east direction.

Vastu of bedroom

According to Vastu, to maintain sweetness in married life, we can arrange our bedroom according to Vastu.

The bedroom of the couple should be in the north-west or south-west direction of the house, as both these directions increase the love between the partners.

Stress-Free Bedroom

The bedroom should always be kept stress-free and for this laptops, mobile, phones, and chargers should be kept away from your bed.

Correct direction of the bed

The bed should always be in the southwest direction of the room, it should not be in front of the door. According to Vastu, the couple should sleep with their heads in the south, south-west direction.

Ways to bring sweetness to relationships

Couples should never sleep in the corner of the bedroom, keep in mind that there should be some space on both sides of the bed.

Which side does the wife sleep on?

The husband should sleep on the right side of the bed and the wife on the left side.

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