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Things Women Want in Their Life Partner

Things Women Want in Their Life Partner

Men and women have varying personalities and they both look for various qualities in their partner. Men are satisfied with minor things whereas women have a long list of qualities for choosing a potential partner. Women get more attention than Men and that is what makes them feel superior. 

Women usually never like men very easily but men would fall for a girl almost immediately. This has been a very common phenomenon and this is what makes it harder for men to attract women. 

However, women have some secrets that they do not share. Although every woman has a different mindset, there are still a few points that every woman has in common. There are a few things that make women flatter over men at once. We will share these never heard tactics that would help you impress a woman you like.



The first impression of a man that women notice is their dressing sense. If a man is dressed well, he has a major chance of getting women's attention at once. Women usually don't talk about this but they prefer a well-dressed man over a good-looking one. Women crave a guy with a good dressing sense as it speaks about men's intelligence as well. Men with a good dressing sense are also good at maintaining hygiene which is another factor that women prefer having in their partner. 

Good in Communicating

Women love men who speak gently and most importantly if men make sensible conversation then women couldn't resist getting attracted to them. Moreover, guys with good listening skills are also very dear to women.

Everyone knows that women love to gossip and not everyone has the patience to listen to them. However, if a man is able to become a good listener then women cannot stop themselves from getting attracted to such a person.


Women want a man to be committed to them. There's no better thing than being loyal to your partner and both men and women want their partner to be loyal to them.

It's hard to build trust as women are very soft-hearted and they overthink more than anything. Overthinking makes them even more sensitive so a man should know how to gain a woman's trust. Here are a few tips to help men in getting a place in women's hearts: 

       Make them feel special by texting them oftentimes so that they could feel that you are always thinking about them.

       Keep praising women for their beauty as there's nothing better than a compliment that a woman wants.

       Never look at any other women she's around to gain her trust.

       Make her feel special by telling her your deepest darkest secrets that you barely could only disclose to someone special. 

Support Gender Equality

Women have been through a long era where they have been considered weak. However, now they hate people with a such mentality and usually stay away from people with such a mindset. It's very clear that a man should always look forward to respecting women and consider them equal.

Women are capable of doing things a man could do. Women like to interact with men with such ideology. A man that respects women and lets them independently take their decisions is most likely to attract women.

Women prefer spending time with a man who values their decision and takes her side whenever the world is against them. 

Good IQ

Intelligence is far superior to good looks and women know that very well. Research says that most women choose men with good IQ over a man with good looks. 

Women are smart when choosing a partner and they very well know that it's better to go for a man with a great sense of humor than a dumb man with good looks. A guy with a good sense of humor can make a woman happy when she's sad but what could a handsome guy do for her during her hard times? 

Moreover, women do not hesitate in front of a guy who understands them and talk more freely to them. This increases the chance for a guy with a good IQ to attract women more easily than a man with charming looks. 

Passionate and Proactive

Once again, a woman likes a guy who is serious about their future and passionate about his dreams. Yes, women do like men that always pay attention to them but that same person should always prioritize his passion over anything. Believe it or not, women love men that are sincere and dedicated to achieving their goals. 

Hardworking men have a special place in a woman's heart. A hard-working man attracts women towards them without even trying. Moreover, women usually make the first move by themselves if they find a man who is passionate and sincere. So, if you are dedicated towards your goals then just keep doing hard work as women would get attracted towards you by themselves. 

Women have a special spot for men who are disciplined, punctual, and passionate. Moreover, these qualities speak about the person's character as well. Women also attract to men that love their families and are always kind to them as women feel safe around them.


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