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Bachelor Maria Georgas Controversial Self Elimination Fans React

Bachelor Maria Georgas

The Bachelor Maria Georgas: Fans React to Relationship Drama and Controversial Self-Elimination Moment


Maria's Doubt and Self-Elimination Threat:

Once a fan favorite, Maria Georgas faced backlash after contemplating self-elimination on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Her doubts surfaced after witnessing Joey Graziadei kiss another contestant during a group date.

Fan Reaction and Concerns:

Fans expressed disappointment and concern on social media, questioning their loyalty to Maria as a favorite.

Social media reactions included fears that Maria's potential self-elimination could impact the show's appeal.

Maria Confronts Joey:

The bachelor Maria confronted Joey about her concerns, expressing worries about their connection and potential self-elimination.

Tensions rose as she mentioned his interactions with other women, leading to a moment of doubt about their future together.

Fan Criticism of Maria's Behavior:


Some fans labeled Maria's behavior as "toxic" and criticized her for being insecure and playing games.

Tweets expressed disapproval of her actions and urged her not to be vindictive.

Defenders of Maria:

On the other hand, some viewers defended Maria, stating that she had the right to express her emotions and concerns.

Supporters argued that the chemistry between Maria and Joey was undeniable, and her feelings were genuine.

The Bachelor Fans React to Maria Georgas Controversial Episode 7Image source: instagram/bachelornation

Resolution and Joey's Decision:

In a later conversation with Joey, Maria admitted her insecurities but expressed her desire to stay and see things through.

Despite the earlier tension, Joey ultimately gave Maria the final hometown rose, indicating his continued interest in their relationship.