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Fans Furious as Katy Perry Teams Up with Dr Luke Again

Fans Furious as Katy Perry Teams Up with Dr Luke Again

Katy Perry Sparks Outrage Over New Album Collaboration with Dr. Luke

Katy Perry has recently gone viral after avoiding a question about working with producer Dr. Luke on her upcoming album, causing a stir among her fans.

Allegations Against Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Łukasz Sebastian Gottwald, has faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations from singer Kesha over the years.


Despite these allegations, Dr. Luke co-produced Perry's new single "Woman's World", which is being marketed as a feminist anthem, as well as producing other songs from her upcoming sixth studio album. Have done.

Katy and Dr. Luke History of Collaboration

Dr. Luke has been an important figure in Perry's career, producing many of her major hits, including "I Kissed a Girl" (2008), "Teenage Dream" (2010) and "Roar" (2013). Are.

Katy Perry Dr Luke Collaboration Backlash

Image source: Instagram

Paris Fashion Week Incident

Perry was confronted by a fan about her collaboration with Dr. Luke as she exited a Paris Fashion Week event. The fan asked Perry, "Isn't your album about women empowerment? Why are you working with Dr. Luke?" Perry did not respond and quickly got into her chauffeured SUV. It remains unclear if Perry deliberately ignored the question or if it was due to the noisy crowd.


The collaboration has sparked significant controversy ahead of Perry's highly anticipated comeback. Rolling Stone reported that Perry is working with Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Sarah Hudson, and Stargate on her sixth album. A source from Capitol Records mentioned that Perry had a clear vision for her album and selected the team accordingly.

Legal and Social Media Reactions

Last year, Dr. Luke settled a defamation lawsuit with Kesha, who had claimed in a 2014 lawsuit that he sexually and physically abused her. In response to the news of Perry and Dr. Luke's collaboration, Kesha tweeted "lol." Additionally, it has been revealed that Perry ignored warnings about working with Dr. Luke.


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