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Abi Carter Net Worth Relationship Status And More

Abi Carter Relationship Status

Meet Abi Carter: Net Worth, Personal Life, and 'American Idol' Journey

Who is Abi Carter? Net Worth, Relationship Status, and More

Abi Carter is the newest winner of "American Idol," clinching the title in the intense finale of the 2024 season. At 21 years old, she hails from Indio, California, and has already made a significant mark in the music industry with her victory.

Newest American Idol Winner Abi Carter

Image source: instagram

Performance in the American Idol Finale

During the live finale, the top three contestants—Abi Carter, Will Moseley, and Jack Blocker—each performed three songs: one mentored by Jon Bon Jovi, another dedicated to their hometowns, and a duet. After Jack Blocker was eliminated, Carter and Moseley performed their original songs for the final vote. Carter's performance of "This Isn't Over" won her the title, along with a $250,000 prize and a recording contract with Hollywood Records/19 Recordings.

Newest American Idol Winner Abi Carter

Newest American Idol Winner Abi Carter

Image source: instagram

Abi Carter: 5 Facts About the Newest 'American Idol' Winner

1. Hometown and Early Life

Abi Carter is from Indio, California. She grew up in a large family with six siblings, raised by her single mother, Andrea Carter.

2. Education

Carter graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology from California State University, San Bernardino in May 2023. Abi was homeschooled for most of her childhood but spent a brief period at La Quinta High School in Westminster, California.

3. Musical Beginnings

Carter has been passionate about music from a very young age. Remarkably, a nurse reportedly heard her humming during an ultrasound when her mother was pregnant. Abi Carter  nurtured her musical talent by singing in church, talent shows, and local competitions.

4. Family Background

Abi Carter is the second oldest of seven siblings. Abi and her siblings were primarily raised by their single mother, which played a significant role in her upbringing and character.

5. Financial Status and Future Prospects

Before winning "American Idol," Carter had an estimated net worth of over $200,000. With her victory, which includes a substantial cash prize and a lucrative recording contract, her financial status is set to improve significantly. She is now positioned for greater fame and financial success through future music releases and performances.