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Love is Blind Trevor Sova Reunion Accusations

Love is Blind Trevor Sova Reunion Accusations

Love is Blind Trevor Sova: Reunion Reaction and Off-Screen Girlfriend Accusations


Accusations and Reunion Reaction:

Love is Blind star Trevor Sova faced accusations of having an off-screen girlfriend while filming the reality show. During the reunion episode, he addressed these claims, stating he was not technically dating her but had been upfront about going on the show to find love.

Trevor's Perspective:

Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion

Image Source: Netflix

Trevor clarified that he never officially committed to a relationship with the woman outside the show and had been transparent about his intentions to explore new experiences on Love Is Blind. He emphasized his focus on building a connection with Chelsea on the show.

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Denial of Accusations:

Trevor denied allegations made by Natalia Marrero, who claimed to have had a relationship with him during filming. He neither confirmed nor denied text messages shared by Marrero.

Support from Chelsea:

Love is Blind Reunion

Image Source: Netflix

Chelsea defended Trevor on Instagram, reminding fans to be understanding and kind. She emphasized their shared humanity amidst public scrutiny.

Reunion Excitement:



The Love Is Blind reunion promised to address rumors and delve into more meaningful discussions, with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey probing contestants about off-screen relationships and other unresolved issues.

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