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Meet Fahad Siddiqui Dubai Bling Star

Meet Fahad Siddiqui Dubai Bling Star

Fahad Siddiqui: The success story behind the Dubai Bling Season 2 star


Who is Fahad Siddiqui? - Dubai Bling Season 2 Star

Fahad Siddiqui rose to fame as a standout star in Season 2 of “Dubai Bling,” the Netflix reality series highlighting the lavish lifestyles of high-profile individuals in the Middle East.


Meet the Dubai Bling Season 2 stars – luxury lifestyle and flashy cars

In the show, Fahad Siddiqui, along with his wife Safa, showcased a lavish lifestyle, including luxurious cars and property, attracting the attention of the audience with their opulence.


Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth and Business Ventures – Dubai Bling Celebrity

Originally from Mumbai, Fahad has a background in business and serves as the Managing Director of Indo Rise General Trading LLC. He is also an executive director in the Siddiqui Group of Companies. With a net worth of over $5 million, Fahad and Safa Siddiqui are prominent personalities in the luxury and fashion sector.


Siddiqui Couple – Marriage, Fashion and Money

Fahad married Iraqi-British fashion figure Safa in 2019. Safa is known for her focus on the fashion business. The Safa-Fahadh couple has a net worth of over $5 million.

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