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Pranali Rathore Chooses Simplicity for Her 27th Birthday Celebration

Pranali Rathore's 27th birthday

Pranali Rathore's 27th birthday: Celebrating stardom and simplicity 

Pranali Rathod, who became famous with the character of Akshara in "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai", celebrated her 27th birthday on 15 October. The actress, who won hearts with her powerful character, celebrated her special day in a memorable way.

Fans wished him a happy birthday on social media:

Pranali's fans took to social media to wish her warm birthday wishes, which is a testament to her deep connection with her audience.

 Expressed gratitude to everyone on social media

Image credit: Instagram/pranalirathodofficial/

Celebrate's birthday on the set:

Despite her popularity, Pranali celebrated her birthday on the sets, which is a testament to her dedication towards her art. Pranali has also shared photos from the party with friends.

Pranali shared photos with her beloved cat:

Amidst her busy schedule, Pranali hosted an intimate celebration at home that captured the essence of simplicity. Her white cat also made headlines in a heartwarming moment.

Expressed gratitude to everyone on social media:

In her social media post, Pranali expressed her deep gratitude towards those who made her birthday memorable by showing kindness and appreciation towards her fans and loved ones.