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RHOM Night Out Drama Kiki Guerdy Larsa

Night out drama kiki guerdy larsa

RHOM Drama Unfolds: Tensions and Confrontations Among Kiki, Guerdy, and Larsa During a Night Out


1. Larsa's Provocative Comment:

Kiki and Guerdy learn about Larsa's comment implying insincerity, leading to tension before their night out.

2. Guerdy's Tactful Approach:

Guerdy, despite being upset, decides to hold back and confront Larsa later, emphasizing the importance of timing.

larsa unfolds through confrontations

3. Kiki Challenges Larsa's Hypocrisy:

Kiki brings up Larsa's double standards during a discussion about her disagreement with Alexia, expressing her discontent.

4. Larsa's Antibiotics Excuse:

Larsa defends herself, claiming she was on antibiotics, and promises a gift to Kiki to make amends.

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5. Marcus's Alleged Infidelity:

The group discusses rumors of Marcus cheating on Larsa, leading to an uncomfortable interrogation of Larsa during a mobile party.

6. Unconventional Art Gallery:

 The ladies visit an unusual art gallery, where criticisms arise about their perceived disrespect towards the artist and confusion about the artwork.

tense reality tv night out with kiki

7. Awkward Truth or Dare Game:

Larsa suggests playing truth or dare, resulting in uncomfortable moments, including Kiki's dare with a server.

8. Guerdy Confronts Larsa:

Guerdy finally confronts Larsa about the "fake tears" comment, leading to increased tension within the group.

9. Larsa's Reluctance to Let Go:

 Larsa struggles to let go of past conflicts and feels like a "punching bag" despite attempts to diffuse the situation.

10. Resolution with Piano and Interpretive Dance:

The tension reaches its peak, but a resolution occurs with the introduction of piano music and interpretive dance, ending the fight.