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Mitali Handa revealed Manara

Mitali Handa revealed Manara

Everyone has seen the love between sisters Mitali and Manara in Bigg Boss house but today we will tell you the whole truth.


Mitali Handa said during the family week in Bigg Boss house:

Manara finds Munawar intelligent. She feels that Munawar understands her in the house (Bigg Boss 17) just like her mother and sister understand her. Let us tell you that currently, Manara Chopra has confirmed her place in the top 8 in Salman Khan's show. Is.


Mitali Handa clearly said this:

"When I went to Bigg Boss house during Family Week too, this point was raised by people there. She has already made it clear to Salman Sir that she likes Munawar Faruqui as a friend, There is nothing more in her mind than that. There is no love scene above that. Whenever someone tells her not to talk to Munavvar, she does not listen and whenever Munavvar needs her, she stands with him. I think we do the same in our normal life too that when our friends are in need, we stand with them. Her stand is very clear."


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Mitali Handa said during the family week in Bigg Boss house