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Daisy Kent Bachelor first night struggles

Daisy Kent Bachelor first night struggles

Daisy Kent's Candid Revelation: Almost Leaving The Bachelor

Bachelor contestant Daisy Kent almost left the show after a challenging first night due to overwhelming emotions.

Daisy's Experience, Challenges Faced:

Daisy Kent, a finalist on season 28 of The Bachelor, reflects on her time in the Bachelor mansion, revealing it wasn't initially smooth sailing.

She faced difficulties from the start, including revealing her cochlear implant on her first date with Joey Graziadei and her eventual emotional breakup with him in the finale.

Serena Pitt, from the 25th season of The Bachelor, acknowledges the early stage of Daisy's cochlear implant journey and asks about her decision to join the show.

Daisy Kent Candid Revelation Almost Leaving The Bachelor

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Daisy reveals conversations with her parents and producers about the stress and uncertainty surrounding her cochlear implant and the challenge of meeting new people without knowing their mannerisms.

Nearly Leaving the Show:

Daisy discloses that she considered leaving on the first night due to overwhelming feelings and noise.

Daisy confided in producers about her doubts, expressing her feeling that she wasn't ready for the experience.

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Despite her initial concerns, Daisy found comfort in the supportive environment of the show.

Producers and cast members helped her feel more comfortable and supported during Daisy early days on the show.

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