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Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey Graziadei Rose Decision

Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey Graziadei Rose Decision

Daisy Kent Candid Admission: 'I Love You' Unsaid, Emphasis on Family Approval in 'The Bachelor'

On the latest episode of "The Bachelor," contestant Daisy Kent surprisingly rejected Joey Graziadei during a romantic horseback riding and hot tub date in Canada's Jasper National Park.


Daisy doesn't say 'I love you' to Joey Daisy's family's approval is very important:

Fan favorite Daisy tells Joey that she is not ready to say "I love you", but can imagine a possible future with him. She emphasizes the importance of his family's acceptance and expresses her desire to see how he interacts with them.

 the bachelor daisy family approval is very important

Image source: citytv and instagram

Daisy Joy shared heartfelt thoughts:

During a conversation in the hot tub, Daisy shares her hopes for unconditional love, even in challenging times. Joy agrees and has expressed her belief in being with a partner even during difficult moments.

Everything was right but Daisy did not express her love:

Despite the positive moments, the couple faces a difficult conversation about their future during the evening portion of their date. Daisy confesses that she is not ready to confess her love and can sense Joey's fear and nervousness.

 Joey still gives Rose after Daisy acceptance

Image source: citytv and instagram

Joey still gives Rose after Daisy's acceptance:

Joey admits that he is scared after Daisy's confession, worrying that his fears of falling in love with someone who won't reciprocate may come true. Despite the uneasiness, he decides to give them the rose based on his gut feeling about their potential.

 Everything was right but Daisy did not express her love

Image source: citytv and instagram

Daisy angered her fan:

"The Bachelor" fans expressed surprise at Joey's decision to give Daisy a rose after her entrance. Some speculate that the move signals a stronger relationship between them, with viewers debating whether Daisy will be the final choice.

Fans' concerns and predictions:

Fans expressed concern about Daisy inadvertently breaking Joey's heart and questioned the risk Joey took by giving her a rose despite not reciprocating her love. There has been speculation about Daisy potentially winning the show, creating mixed emotions among viewers.


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