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Bachelor Sydney Backlash Online Hate Dramatic Exit Feud Drama

Bachelor Sydney Backlash Online Hate Dramatic Exit Feud Drama

Bachelor Sydney Faces Backlash and Online Hate After Dramatic Exit

A Look at the Feud, Impact, and Continuing Drama


Bachelor Drama: Sydney's Feud with Maria

Sydney's time on The Bachelor was marked by a heated feud with fellow contestant Maria, stemming from comments Maria made about another contestant's age, which Sydney deemed as bullying.

Bachelor Sydney Backlash Online Hate Dramatic Exit Feud Drama

Image source: instagram/ syd_gord

Dramatic Exit on Two-on-One Date

The Newport-native made a dramatic exit on the dreaded two-on-one date with Maria. Bachelor lead, Joey Grazidei, set up the date to resolve the conflict but ultimately eliminated Sydney due to a perceived weaker connection.

Backlash and Online Hate

While Bachelor Nation supported Sydney's elimination, the online response turned hostile. Sydney shared vile voice messages on Instagram, revealing she felt low and had turned off comments on her posts. The messages included derogatory terms like "gross" and "scummy."

Bachelor Sydney Exit Feud Drama

Image source: instagram/ syd_gord

Real Impact of Online Hate

Sydney opened up about the emotional toll, expressing how constant reminders of insecurities on social media affected her mental well-being. She reminded followers that, despite the character portrayed on the show, real people receive the hate and emphasized the need for empathy.

Regrets and Reflection

Sydney admitted to wishing she had handled certain aspects differently on the show but couldn't divulge details. She acknowledged personal responsibility for her actions and expressed remorse for any hurtful statements made.

A Frontrunner for Bachelorette

Image source: instagram/ maria.georgas

Continued House Drama

Following Sydney exit, fellow contestant Lea, angered on Sydney's behalf, began feuding with Maria. The producers heightened tensions by orchestrating Joey's decision to give his final rose to Lea, ensuring that house drama would persist in the upcoming episodes.