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Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Super Bowl Celebration Las Vegas

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Super Bowl Celebration Las Vegas

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spectacular Super Bowl Victory Celebration in Las Vegas

Taylor Swift share a video celebrating boyfriend Travis Kelce's Super Bowl 2024 victory with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Late-Night Party in Las Vegas

The couple celebrated at Resorts World Las Vegas and Zouk Nightclub, joined by Swift's parents, Scott and Andrea Swift.

Taylor Swift Late-Night Party in Las Vegas

Image source: instagram/ iwasmidnight_rain3

Accidental Clubbing with Parents

The video humorously captures the moment of accidental clubbing with Swift's parents, with the caption "Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life."

Post-Game Celebration Details

Reports suggest that the celebration extended into the early morning, with Swift and Kelce enjoying XS Nightclub and dancing to Swift's song "Love Story."

Taylor Swift Accidental Clubbing with Parents

Image source: instagram/ iwasmidnight_rain3

On-Field Kiss and Proud Moment

The couple shared an on-field kiss after the Super Bowl victory, with Swift expressing pride in Kelce's achievement.

Dancing and Romance at the After-Party

Videos on social media showcase the couple dancing, kissing, and pointing to each other during the late-night party, creating a romantic atmosphere.

The After-Party Highlights

The celebration continued with Kelce joining DJ Marshmello on stage, dancing to Swift's songs, and indulging in late-night chicken fingers until 5 am.

Taylor Swift Post-Game Celebration Details

Image source: instagram/ iwasmidnight_rain3