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Healthy Gujarati Dishes

Healthy Gujarati Dishes

Gujarati dishes are as tasty as they are healthy too, know which this Gujarati dish

Mouth-watering after hearing the name of Gujarati dish, Gujarat is famous for its food, people here are very fond of food, the food here is spicy, let's know about some special dishes.


Khandvi is very soft and tasty to eat. Khandvi is sweet and savory with gram flour, salt, sugar


Dhokla is the favorite dish of Gujarati thali and everyone likes it very much. Likes it very much.


Basundi is one of the sweets made from milk, it is made by boiling milk and adding other dry fruits to it.


Patra is a healthy dish, many special nutrients including vitamins are found in it.


Khakhra is very tasty to eat, it is made of fenugreek leaves and wheat flour.

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