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Protecting Skin in Cold Weather

Protecting Skin in Cold Weather

Skincare tips in the winter season 

Taking care of the skin is a part of our routine, it keeps our skin problems away and keeps our skin glowing. For this, you should apply cleanser, turmeric sandalwood paste, moisturizer, and serum on your face in the morning.


Winter skincare - It is important for us to take care of our skin. Our skin is one of the delicate layers of our body whose beauty is very important. If the skin is not taken care of, many diseases can occur, to avoid which we have to follow skincare routine. Is. For this we can also take home remedies, otherwise, some diseases may occur in the skin.

Some skin-related diseases

·      Acne

·      Ringworm

·      Hives

·      Skin Disease


Winter skincare

Winter skin care tips are essential for combating dryness and maintaining a healthy glow.

·      Cleansing first

·      Toning

·      Moisturizing

·      Eye cream

·      SPF

·      Applying night cream

·      Scrubbing the face once a week


We can also follow some home remedies for skin care so that there is no risk of any side effect on our face.

·      Applying Gram Flour Paste

·      Oats Paste

·      Lemon Face Pack

·      Turmeric Face Pack

·      Tomato Pack

·      Curd

·      Pack Of Milk

·      Papaya Face Pack

·      Potato

·      Honey Face Pack

·      Sugar Scrub


For skincare, we have to follow some important routines in a week.


In today's working world, it has become difficult for us to take care of our skin daily. We are not able to take care of ourselves during the day. In such a situation, we can make our skin shiny and glowing by following our skin routine once a week. For this we can tie this routine every Sunday.


Let's follow some tips

Oil cleansing

The first thing we do at the beginning of our skin care routine is oil cleansing, for this we can use almond oil. Apply a few drops of almond oil on the face and massage it gently. Along with Vitamin A, Almond oil also contains Vitamin E which nourishes the skin.

Natural face wash

In this way, to clean our face, take some honey on our palms, leave it on our face for ten minutes and then wash it with water.


For this, boil water, add a few drops of lavender oil in it and take steam.


To prepare a natural scrub, take almonds, grind them, prepare a paste by adding sugar and milk powder to it, scrub this paste on the face, and wash it after a few minutes. This removes the dirt and accumulated oil from the face and gets rid of blemishes.

Face Mask

To make a natural face mask, make a paste by mixing gram flour, honey, turmeric, mint powder and rose water and keep it on the face for ten-fifteen minutes and then clean it.


Apply aloe vera gel to moisturize the face because aloe vera gel is an antioxidant, it has anti-aging properties.

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