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Remedies to get relief from cold and weakness in the rainy season

relief from cold

Remedies to get relief from cold, headache, and weakness in the rainy season

If you have got cold, headache, and weakness in the rainy season, do these remedies at home, the cold will go away.


1. Drink water: You should drink water to satisfy deep thirst. This will keep your body hydrated and help in reducing your headache.


2. Hot tea or decoction: Drink hot tea or ginger decoction. It will warm you up and help ease your headache.


3. Take rest: It is important to take more rest. Excess fatigue can increase your headache and weakness. Sleep and rest.


4. Lemon water: Mix Honey and ginger in lemon water and drink it. It will boost your immune system and protect you from the cold. You can use Baiso Organics Most Natural Farm Fresh Delights Honey.


5. Homemade food: Eat nutritious food that contains proteins, nutrients, and vitamin C. Such food will help in increasing your strength.


6. Soft hot food: Avoid eating cold food in the rainy season. Eating cold food causes a feeling of coolness in the body, which can increase headache and weakness.


7. Steam Cleansing: Put a little Nilgiri oil in hot water and do steam cleaning. This will help open up your sinuses and may be helpful in reducing headaches.


8. Vitamin C rich foods: Include such foods in your diet which are rich in Vitamin C, such as cilantro, orange, amla, green chili, tomato etc.


9. Irritable heat: If you are feeling weak or cold, try to avoid hot summer. Materials to protect your home from heat such as warm clothes, blankets etc.

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