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10 important tips for deep and sound sleep

home remedies for insomnia

In today's time, not being able to sleep has become a very common problem. We are seeing that the problem of sleep is troubling the elders as well as the younger ones and people keep ignoring it, which affects their daily work and spend the whole day in lethargy and fatigue.
Sleep is very important for our health when we are in sleep then our whole body prepares and our mind remains relaxed and gives us energy for the next day so after 6 to 7 hours of hard work day Getting sleep is very important.
But do you also do not sleep at night, then know that the reason for this is some diseases and some wrong habits.
Like -

1.    Depression can cause insomnia problems and even if sleep comes, it breaks quickly.

2.    Even if you have a lot of stress about something, your sleep will not be good and deep. In order to get good sleep, there should not be any kind of stasis in the mind and one should try to keep the mind calm.

3.    Lack of regular exercise also causes insomnia problems.

4.    This problem also arises due to the consumption of certain types of medicines like some people use sleep medicine due to which they do not get sleep without medicine.

How to know whether we are sleeping well or not - some such symptoms can be known whether we are sleeping well or not - like when we go to sleep after working whole day then in 10 to 15 minutes If you fall asleep immediately and you wake up in 4 to 5 hours, then you are sleeping well and if your sleep breaks repeatedly in half an hour to an hour, then you are not sleeping well.
 If you are not able to sleep well, then you should consult a doctor immediately or we can try some tips which can avoid the problem of insomnia.

Home Remedies for Insomnia -

sleeping well

Due to lack of sleep, many people take allopathic medicine, but the medicine is very harmful for our body, so we can do some home remedies to avoid insomnia, which does not cause any harm to our body like -

1.    First of all, we should sleep only after removing tension and worries, this will give you good sleep.

2.    We should walk a little while wearing gold.

3.    Do regular exercise which will keep the mind calm and lead to good sleep.

4.    Mobile and TV should be avoided while sleeping.

5.    Take less things with caffeine, stay away from things like tea, coffee, energy drinks, and cola, especially do not take these things in the evening. Consuming excessive food and alcohol late at night also disturbs your sleep.

6.    Don't smoke- Nicotine is a stimulant, it takes longer for smokers to fall asleep.

7.    Set the time to sleep and wake up - We should set a time to sleep and wake up in our daily routine, this will give us deep and sound sleep.

8.    Relax before sleeping, such as listening to calming music or doing exercises that relax the mind and body.

9.    We can read good books or we can write about the next day's routine so that we don't have any tension and we can sleep well.

10.                      There are some such points of our body, whereby giving pressure, sleep comes quickly - The pressure point behind the ear is such a part behind our ear, where by pressing for some time, sleep can come quickly, eyebrows Press in the middle, put pressure on the neck area, press the pressure point on the palm of the hand, which leads to good sleep.


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